ADAPTURE - Team Color NFTs

At ADAPTURE, our goal is to be the pioneers in progressive e-commerce by pushing the boundaries of bridging the VR world to the physical world by using the most innovative technologies that represents the premium product we are producing. We use our production pattern files to render our shirts into CLO-3D files that you can try on with your personal inputted measurements.

Each token represents a NBA inspired team, LAKERS, SIXERS, CELTICS, NETS and each of them will be limited to 10. The first 10 owners of these NFTs will be able to access a 100% off discount code for one shirt that matches the team colors on our online shop.

Also the owner of these NFTs will receive a limited unique 3D file that allows you to input them into any environment via AR. These NFTs represents the idea of our brand by bridging the virtual world to reality.


Check it out at Opensea