Our standard shirt is a catalyst that doesn’t live by standards. Rather, it forms new ones. It’s for the outliers, the rule breakers and the avant-garde heroes.


“ADAPT” is a video campaign developed with a robust ethos to carry ADAPTURE with quaintness in its early stages of forming an identity. It’s for an audience who wants to be inspired, but not lied to. We wanted to form content that also hints the contemporary leanings and cultural interests of the brand while coexisting with classic commercial campaigns launched by major brands. Authenticity, breaking from norms and focused creation where all driving forces that helped inform us on how we wanted to formulate the short spots. While still remaining Canadian, we wanted to position the brand correctly within its own lane by involving the right collaborators. This is since, while still participating in the conversation as an emerging company it was imperative that it also formed its own identity and cultural impact in its own subcultural circles.

Shot & Directed by: Christian Boakye-Agyeman @cc.ba / @_force.of.nature

Co Producer: Zach Phan @zachphan

Model: Rym Guimili @rymguimili

Sound Design: Patrick Perez @patrickperezz

Music Composition & Master Engineer: Haig V @haigvmusic / @sprlua

Audio Director: Samito @samitotv / @sprlua

Narrator: James R Baylis @jamesrbaylis

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